Centerville, Iowa

In which our Heroes track a lost Girl

Fern and Penny call up Joe and fill him in on the story with Chris’ dad, and also, incedentally, that the Caldwell Township Lutherans seem to be some kind of Tornado Cult.

Bob offers to shoot Chris’ Dad, and also proposes poisoning the Lutheran Pastor’s water supply. Neither idea is met with much enthusiasm by Fern.

Bob spies on the Lutheran Church, and notices Principal Harkness doing the same. They share information (a little).

Chris and Joe spy on Chris’ unfortunate home life.

Ethel uses Bees and her Savage avatar to track Rachel, who seems to have fled, barefoot.

Joe gets the day off work when Principal Harkness shows up with information regarding Rachel, the missing girl.

As folks are leaving for Unionville a faceless sniper takes a rifle shot and wounds the Principal badly, but he barely survives.

The party get to a diner in unionville and Penny talks Rachel into leaving with them, just as Bob, in overwatch mode, notices her dad driving up to get her…

A cliffhanger ensues.

Public Acclimation XP given to Joe.

Joe: 4 XP (+1)
Bob : 3 XP
Fern : 3 XP
PS : 3 XP
Ethel : 3 XP



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