Centerville, Iowa


Focused storm

Joe faced down the possessed Rachel Mueller alone, and destroyed the runestone she was digging for. A massive flooding storm started very quickly.

Penny, Fern, and Ethel arrived after the fact to evacuate the bees and livestock.

The bees evacuated themselves, along with Ethel’s pickup.

Upon leaving the Farm for higher ground, our heroes found the road blocked by angry Caldwell townsfolk.

After much posturing, a fight ensued. Bob arrived, kinda like the cavalry, but more like a trainwreck. Badly injured, he pushed himself beyond human endurance so he could snipe bad guys.

Heroes won the fight, but Bob was rendered unconscious, and locked into his new identity of “faceless assailant”. Rachel’s dad was impaled by the world’s fastest oak tree which grew out of nowhere.

Penny discovered Bob’s espionage gear and in now HIGHLY suspicious, even more so when she finds his hidden safe at his house.

And the equinox is fast approaching…..



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