Elvis' Lucky Television

Elvis shot his TV’s. A lot. Apparently there were over 100 in his basement so that when he did this, a replacement could be gotten quickly

Elvis shot a lot of TV’s.

But one, just one, never got destroyed, though it was grazed. Through luck, mystical intervention, or just plain drug-induced bad aim, one of Elvis’ TVs got shot at but never got wrecked. After he died, the TV made its way into the hands of the Underground, where it was determined to have some very valuable properties, based on its many brushes with destruction. Aside from its listed mystical properties, it is of course, greatly sought after by Iconomancers and Mechanomancers.

Appearance: a 15" mid-60’s model philco Black and White TV. The wooden case has a groove along the right side made by a passing bullet. The casing is open in the back, exposing the vacuum tubes that power the set.

Abilities: The Lucky TV is powered by fear. Specifically, the vacuum tubes can be removed and used to harvest the fears and phobias of others. When the charged tubes are fitted back into the set, the owner spends one minor charge (or makes a ritual magic roll) incants “one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready” and plugs in the TV (this is an old TV with frayed wiring and there’s usually a faint burning smell and some sparks when this happens. The set will take a minute to warm up, then show a grainy, staticky short video (less than one minute) of an upcoming event specifically related to the ritualist’s Fear stimulus.

Charging: at least one of the vacuum tubes must be fully charged. Tubes are charged by being in close proximity to someone who is being menaced by their Fear stimulus, or otherwise facing a level 3 or higher Helplessness stress check. The higher the level of the check, the faster the tube charges. When fully charged, the tube grows slightly cold to the touch and becomes heavier in the hands of the owner, burdened by the weight of the fear it carries.

If a charged tube is broken or even cracked, the accumulated fear escapes in a rush, and bad things (hallucinations, stress checks, mass hysteria) ensue. Of the four tubes that once powered the TV, only 3 are currently intact. The TV will work as long as one of the tubes is intact and wired into the TV.

Elvis' Lucky Television

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