Bob White

The Milkman!



Return Things To Where They Belong

Returns objects and people back to “where they belong.” So far, this has been used to return the characters back from a future timeline.

Requires three black cat skulls, the essence of a demon, blood from all participants, assorted herbs and so forth, an obsidian dagger, and a symbol of the place that you are trying to go to.

Then there’s a long weird blood ritual.


OBSESSION: Hard Working Common Folk (Firearms)
RAGE STIMULUS: Harm to Children
FEAR STIMULUS: Being Cursed (Unnatural)

BODY 40 (Portly)
Russian Army Basic Training 30
Punch You in the Face 40
SPEED (Quick) 61
Firearms 51 (Obsession)
Dodge 25
I Drive Milk Truck All Day and I Like It 30
Initiative 31
MIND 50 (Straightforward)
General Ed. 15
Notice 15
Conceal 15
Espionage 50
SOUL 72 (Radiant)
Charm 15
Lie 33
Avatar: Two-Faced Man 72
Aura Perception 6

VIOLENCE Hardened 1 Failed 3
UNNATURAL Hardened 3 Failed 3
HELPLESSNESS Hardened 0 Failed 2
ISOLATION Hardened 0 Failed 0
SELF Hardened 1 Failed 1

Equipment: Gus’ Goggles (+20% shift to Aura Perception)

Bob White

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